Bose Noise-masking sleepbuds are now up for pre-order

Most of earbuds today are basically for listening to music, take calls etc. Bose has come up with something unique this time with its Noise-masking earbuds. It basically for those who cant sleep due to annoying sounds of traffic, loud neighbors or be it snoring of your partner.

The sleepbuds have dimensions of 9.94 x 1.06 x 0.56 inches (H x W x D) and weighs about 0.081 oz (each). It comes with charging case which measures 1.06 x 3.03 x 3.03 inches and weighs 3.93 oz.

These earbuds house a rechargeable silver-zinc batteries which offer up to 16 hours of usage per full charge. The sleep buds have have up to 8 hours of charging time while the case charges in 3 hours.

The Bose noise masking sleep buds have tiny earbud nodule and soft StayHear+ sleep tips. They come in small / medium / large sizes and are specially designed for side slippers and toss-and-turners.

The Bose sleepbuds instead of streaming music delivers soothing sounds (pre-loaded 10 soothing sounds) that cover up unwanted noise and help you easily fall asleep.The earbuds feature in noise-masking technology and are truly wireless.

Bose Noise-Masking Earbuds image-002

Using Bose Sleep app, users can set wake-up alarms that only you can hear. It also helps you customize sleep settings. The application is available for both Apple Store and Google Play.

The Bose Noise-Masking Earbuds are priced at $249.95 and are up for pre-order in the US.

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