KANSSFER is a new way to transfer files

Transferring files has become necessity for Professionals, Bloggers, Vloggers or be it content makers. Often such people ask themselves, how to send large files fast and easily.

First thing that comes to mind are Emails and WhatsApp, but let me tell you that these have their own standard attachment limitations. Next thing comes is Cloud Storage, which usually requires you to do folder management and book keeping.

Doing some research, I came across kanssfer which is relatively easy to use and does the job very well. Moreover, best part is that you can share files up to 5GB for free.

What can it do?

With kanssfer, you can send unlimited 5GB file transfers. Just Pick, drop and Send! It has an Easy Drag and Drop and the best part is that it does not require registration for sending files instantly.

Let’s say you are a photographer and want to send large video files, just drag and drop the files you want to send! You can send up to 4 recipients and review the file info before sending.

You can track down your file transfer history which is available only for registered users. See list of files transferred and save time by forwarding to other recipients (in beta mode).

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The Kanssfer team is working on desktop app which can enable professionals and students in graphics and media industry to send files seamlessly to their peers or clients. Graphics and media professionals are the major content creators of large files and kanssfer considers them as their primary users. However, it is not just limited to them, It can be used by anyone who wants to transfer files.

The mobile app which they are working on will give those road warriors a facility to send files of any size to their work or peers.

Kanssfer image -02How to use Kanssfer?

The website is relatively easy to use. It has simplistic design and looks professional. At the top center is the logo and just besides it is Send Files option. If you want to register / login than click on the Login In button

As soon as you click on Send files link, you will be greeted with a page where you need to enter following details.

  • Send to: (write email of the person you want to send file to)
  • Your Email
  • Message (any message you need to send along)
  • Click on Add Files button OR simply drag and drop your file in the box
  • Click on start
  • The page will be redirected to another page (with a sponsored AD) which will upload your file. The sending files box shows the file size, upload percentage and number of users you are sending your file to. You can also pause or cancel the upload
  • Once done, you’ll get a popup saying file transferred successfully
  • After this, the person you were sending (email added in send to) will get a mail from Kanssfer with subject “You have received files from : senders mail). The email contains the senders email, file size, file name, message and Download link.
  • On clicking the Download Files link, opens Kansfer page which has yet another download link. When clicked on, opens a popup that gets actual download which one can save to their desired location.
  • Download speeds are fairly awesome.
  • Do note that the file will be deleted in 10 days

Final Thoughts

You are definitely going to change the way to send large files across the internet with this tool. Visit Kanssfer.com today and experience it by yourself and get your Free Unlimited 5GB File Transfers today.


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