ELWN Earbuds introduced in Kickstarter campaign

Former Apple Engineers have introduced ELWN Earbuds, also claimed to be world’s best earbuds for the way we live today.

ELWN Kickstarter campaign launches on July 12, 2016. It offers ultimate personal audio solutions for the athletic, ambitious and audiophile on-the-go.

The Earbuds have a stylish all-weather design and comes comes with  array of fit options. It makes use of truly wireless technology and allows users to make calls, enjoy music, workout indoor / outdoor and provide top quality sound.

The ELWN earbuds are truly wireless and run on battery. They has unique infinity Band charger (patent pending) where users are freed from the need to constantly charge and re-charge. It allows charging of the earbud’s batteries even while in use, providing virtually endless battery. Its 60mAH battery is claimed to have 6.5 hours of run time, 1 hour of charging time and 120 hours of standby.

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Buyers of ELWN Earbuds will also receive an industry leading 180 earbud combinations, guaranteeing a secure, customizable fit for in any ears. This Earbud features microphone for crystal clear calls and. It has water resistant shells with SoX Touch Coating and produces CD-Like quality sound output. The earbuds are equipped with Advanced Bluetooth Chipset (CVS & Apt-X) and has specially Engineered 6mm Micro dynamic Drivers.

Adam Kaslikowski, ELWN Founding Team

We are incredibly excited to bring the ELWN Fit to the world. True wireless is such a great new technology, but the fear of losing an earbud keeps a lot of people like myself from buying them. With our Perfect Fit system, we know you will be able to create a snug and comfortable fit that won’t go anywhere as you enjoy your favorite activities.


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