Gillette launches Emojability Keyboard for children with disabilities

St. Paul, Minnesota based application developer Gillette has launched an ability-themed emoji keyboard called Emojability.

It has adaptive equipment and therapy emoji’s for encouragement. It allows families, patients, caregivers etc. to communicate with children with special needs and provide support or celebrate goals and achievements.

The Emojability keyboard app includes a moving walker and other mobility related emoji’s and Gif’s. It has inspirational emojis to inspire in tough situations and milestone markers and badges as well. It also has unique images and phrases that can be sent as texts or use in messaging apps.

Emojability Keyboard - 1

Gillette has partnered with with Periscop to create this Keyboard. The App is free to download on smartphones, both on Apple App store and Android Play Store.

Dennis Jolley, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare vice president for institutional advancement┬ásaid, “Gillette takes pride in its partnership and advocacy for patients, but also advocates for the larger community of kids, adults and families who have special needs.

We understand that living with a disability or complex condition can be a challenging journey. Our patients, families and caregivers work hard to make progress every day, and the definition of progress is unique to each child.

When there’s reason to celebrate, we know many patients, families and caregivers want to share the news and be proud. That’s why we created Emojability. It allows our patients to use a keyboard that’s inclusive of their unique experiences.”

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