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Jabra Elite Sport fitness tracking ear-buds launched in India

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Jabra has launched its latest waterproof wireless fitness tracking earbuds in India called Elite Sport.It is IP67 rated, making it water and sweat proof. It can sustain fresh water for 30 minutes at depth of 1 meter.

These earbuds are secured, stylish and can be used in single or doubles. It also allows advanced heart rate analysis with automatic fitness level testing of VO2 Max measurements, race predictor and advisor.

It has in-ear coaching with real-time feedback. It has en-ear hear rate monitor that promises 90% plus accuracy. There is an integrated Jabra Sports LIfe App for Apple iOS and Androids.

It connects using Bluetooth V4.1 and is equipped with four digital MEMS microphones with advanced noise cancellation technology. Apart form In-ear heart rate monitor, Jabra Elite Sport features in TrackFit Motion Counting Sensor (also known as Tri-Axis accelerometer).

These wireless earbuds are also equipped with Bass enriched speakers. It offers passive noise cancellation and boasts frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz. The battery inside is capable of delivering 4.5 hours of stereo music / calls and up to 200 hours of standby. It’s charging case provides additional 9 hours with 2 full charges.

The Jabra Elite Sport costs Rs. 18,990 in India and will be available from August 8, 2017.