Motorola did have a square Smartwatch prototype

Most of the smartwatch manufactures have launched a rounded dial smartwatch. At IFA 2016, ASUS also launched Zenwatch 3 with rounded dial.

Motorola  also has its very own Moto 360 smartwatches and they have stylish round shape as well. However, recently leaked pictures reveal a different story.

Motorola, in those earlier days, was working on square shaped smartwatch prototype.  Moreover, the prototype was marked with “Motorola confidential property” at the top side.

The Motorola prototype had power button on the right side and USB port on the back. It seems to have rubber flap, suggesting it to be water proof. The images leaked seems to pre-date the Moto 360.

Will you buy a square shaped Moto Smartwatch? leave your comments bellow.


Pawan Lokhandwala

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