Samsung to introduce Galaxy X series foldable smartphones in 2017

It is not hidden that Samsung is working on smartphones with foldable display. There are chatters that South Korean phone maker will introduce its new Galaxy X series smartphone in 2017, also said to be first phone with foldable display.

Samsung is also expected to announced five flagship products in the year 2017 that will include Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Edge, Galaxy Note 7 and Note 7 Edge. Its Note Series phones, including Edge, are said to have Super AMOLED Display with 2.5K resolution and RGB sub-pixel arrangements.

Samsung Rumored phones of 2017 including Galaxy X Series

Its new addition, the Galaxy X series smartphone should have foldable display that can be unfolded to make the screen larger. The screen is expected to have 4K resolution and diamond PenTile sub pixel arrangement.  There are chances that a phone could convert in to a tablet with this new technology.

These phones are expected in the year 2017 and the foldable screen phones could make it big. These phones are will be priced higher that its counter part Galaxy S and Note series devices.

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