Samsung showcases its foldable phone, 7.3-inch inner and 4.6-inch outer display in town

Samsung at its developer conference (held in San Francisco) has showcased its foldable display. Company revealed a prototype with foldable screen. Company is calling the display has Infinity Flex Display.

The phone showcased came with 4.6-inch outer display and handles resolution of 1960 x 840 pixels, 21:9 aspect ratio and 420ppi pixel density. When the display opens up, it gives a tablet like experience sporting a 7.3-inch screen size with 2152 x 1536 pixels resolution and 420ppi pixel density.

With this, Samsung has given out details on phone resolution, which is required by the developers. Samsung also revealed that the Infinity Flex Display uses new materials (developed by Samsung) for the cover window that’s flexible and durable.

Infinity Flex Display visual graphics -1To ensure reliability of the display, Samsung hound a unique adhesive that enhances the display elasticity and keeps its strength even when it’s folded and unfolded over and over again.

The Korean giant hopes to offer new user experience by enhancing apps to leverage both smaller and larger display versions. Additionally, users can watch, connect and multitask at the same time.

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