Sony SRS-XB12, SRS-XB22, SRS-XB32, GTK-XB72 and GTK-PG10 portable speakers unveiled


Sony Electronics took to CES 2019 event where it has introduces its latest wireless speakers called SRS-XB12, SRS-XB22 and SRS-XB32. Along with it, company has also announced a new high-power speaker called GTK-XB72 and a new outdoor party speakers called GTK-PG10.

The XB12, XB22 and XB32 speakers are IP67 rated and are party proof. There is a rubber coating on XB12 and comes with detachable strap to hook it anywhere. The XB22 and XB32 have robust build and are shock and rust resistant. They come with in-built accelerometer which lets the Party Booster feature reacts on tapping to create unique lighting and sound effect (sing/multi color).

The XB32 is claimed to last up to 24 hours and can be charged from mobile devices as well. The XB32 and XB72 come with built-in flashing strobe lights.

The SRS-XB12 comes with single passive radiator while the SRS-XB22 and SRS-XB32 houses dual passive radiators that work together with stereo full-range speakers to offer optimum buss and enhance lower tones. Multiple SRS-XB72 speakers can be linked using Bluetooth.

The XB22, XB32 and XB72 come with a unique ‘LIVE SOUND’ mode that leverages Digital Signal Processing technology to offer more service area of the sound via angled speakers. These produce 3D sound immersing its users into music. The XB72 also comes with FM Tuner for even more flexibility.

GTK-PG10-speaker-1The Sony GTK-PG10 speakers are compatible for use with tripods. It has splash-proof top which easily incorporates a table and cup holder. There is a built-in rechargeable battery and includes FM Tuner. There is a rechargeable battery which is claimed to offer up to 13 hours of listening. The battery also supports charging from mobile devices. The GTK-PG10 is also compatible with Sony Music Center and Fiestable apps.

The Sony SRS-XB12 is priced at $59.99 (Rs. 4,200 approx.), the SRS-XB22 is priced at $99.99 (Rs. 7,000 approx.), SRS-XB32 costs $149.99 (Rs.10,510 approx.) and GTK-XB72 has price-tag of $349.99 (Rs. 24,510 approx.). The Sony GTK-PG10 will sell for $249.99 (Rs. 17,505 approx.). All of these speakers will be available in Spring 2019.