Sony unveiled SRS-RA3000 and SRS-RA5000 wireless home speakers

Sony has announced its new wireless home speakers called SRS-RA3000 and SRS-RA5000. Both of these speakers are specially design to deliver high quality sound and premium 2-channel audio experience.

The Sony SRS-RA3000 and SRS-RA5000 both have 360-Reality audio technologies for immersive audio enhancements. These also come with Sony’s unique spatial sound technologies for ambient room filling sound.

Both of these throw out relaxing sound both vertically and horizontally to create broad and wide sweet spot. It uses 3D sound location data and unique algorithm from Sony to further enhance listening experience. They have auto volume feature which automatically adjusts volume on each track.

The Sony SRS-RA5000 comes with Hi-Res Audio certification and includes three up-firing speakers which spread music vertically. It also houses three middle sited speakers for horizontal audio. The speaker units also incorporate high-magnetism neodymium magnets and mica reinforced cellular diaphragm which not only results into compact size but also gives strength. All these are complemented by subwoofer for deep and richer bass.


The Sony SRS-RA3000 throws out omnidirectional sound with deep bass by using full range speaker, an omni-diffuser that spreads sound throughout the room in everydirection and a dual passive radiator to produce deep bass. The speaker has over lapping beam tweeters which forms a wave front that goes up wards.

The RA-5000 and RA-3000 both have Sound Calibration. On RA-5000, it can be activated by simply holding immersive audio enhancement button. The RA-3000 provides effortless auto adjust which takes place in background. To activate RA-3000 automatic recalibration, simply turn the speaker on.

These are also have support for Google Assistant enabled devices with Chromecast built-in and Amazon Alexa enabled device. With voice commands, one can simply start or stop music, adjust volumes etc.

The SRS-RA5000 model will be priced at approximately £500/€599 and available from February 2021. The SRS-RA3000 model will be priced at approximately £280/€359 and available from February 2021.

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