Swiftpoint launches ‘The Z’ the most advanced gaming mouse

Swiftpoint has introduced its most advanced gaming mouse ever called ‘The Z’. It is successor to GT mobile mouse, which earned the Best Computer Peripheral Innovation award.

The Z comes with built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, force sensors and tactical feed back. It also has OLED display (shows DPI) and is highly precise. It is specially designed for gamers

It has a special tilt option which allows one to tilt left or right to quickly change mode, without using fingers or click. The function is customizable as well according to requirements.

The Z gaming mouse features adjustable and replaceable pads. It allows users to assign any action or modifier to a pivot or tilt. This will definitely benefit first person shooters or third person shooter games.

To add more butter, the mouse also support air operations. Users can simply lift the mouse, slightly above the surface. The mouse has ne trigger buttons and boasts a total of 50 clickable buttons action. It has wheel button, two front / side buttons and two thumb buttons for secondary click.

The left and right buttons  supports deep clicks. Not only for gamers, The Z will attract professionals such as artists, doctors, cooks and carpenters. It’s 6-axis control opens whole new method of operation 3D projects.

Swiftpoint’s ‘The Z’ Key Features

  • Optical Sensor: 200 – 12000 DPI, 5G (Pixart PMW3360 Pro Gaming Grade)
  • Onboard Memory to store button mappings and settings
  • Polling: 1000hz
  • Braided cable: yes
  • 17 Dedicated buttons
  • 6 Main click / trigger / finger tip buttons
  • 50 (10 x 5) fast accessible fingertip buttons actions
  • 80 (17 x 5) total map able buttons action
  • Pivot & Titlt gesture support
  • In-air 6-axis movements
  • 4 Analogue force buttons
  • 4 Deep Click buttons
  • Tactile feedback
  • OLED Screen

The mouse also has various accessories including a special gaming mouse mat tuned for optical sensor, Brushed aluminium cable cube, additional tilt mouse feet and additional trigger button caps.


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