Toshiba Symbio Smart Home Solution introduced in US

Toshiba TH-GW10 Symbio Smart Home Solution image -2

Toshiba has officially announced its Symbio Smart Home Solution for US Markets. It comes with about six capabilities which include voice control with Amazon Alexa, Smart sound detector, Wireless security camera, Smart Speaker, an Intercom and an expandable smart home hub.

The Toshiba Symbio (TH-GW10) comes with Security camera that captures in 1080p resolution. It is a low-light camera with wide-angles to keep track on pets, children, home environment etc. It can live stream HD videos and deliver sound / motion based alerts.

The device comes with built-in microphones and speaker that allow two way communication between Symbio and your smartphone. It is also smart Home Hub that helps users connect and control several smart devices and sensors. It works with most IoT devices.

Toshiba TH-GW10 Symbio Smart Home Solution image -3This Smart Home solution can monitor loud sounds, detect smoke and send alerts to smartphone for increased safety. Apart from this, Symbio is also a an integrated full-range smart speaker. It has an exclusive ODMD (Onkyo Double Molding Diaphragm) high-excursion driver to deliver rich immersive sound. It has built-in Bluetooth and allows unlimited streaming. It is compatible with services like Amazon Music, Pandora and iHeart Radio.

Toshiba TH-GW10 Symbio Smart Home Solution image -1The Symbio comes with built-in Alexa voice assistant. The Alexa AI can reply to most of the questions, play music, provide latest news and updates, control lights etc. All features are controlled via a single user friendly application (called The Toshiba Smart Home App) which works on both Android and iOS devices.

You can buy Toshiba TH-GW10 Symbio Smart Home Solution at for US$ 249.99

Mineo Maruyama, Vice President, Toshiba Visual Solutions Corporation. said –

Symbio™ is a tremendous addition to our growing portfolio of Toshiba Visual Solutions consumer smart home products, which includes our smart TVs with voice search and home appliance control services. By integrating the latest IoT technologies, such as AI, audio technologies and voice recognition, we will continue to expand the functionality of today‚Äôs smart homes while providing easy, useful and personalized services to support this evolution in the future.

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