Xiaomi launches Mi Sweeping Robot in China for RMB 1699

Xiaomi is not just limited to Smartphones. It has a large Mi Ecosystem consisting of variety of gadgets. Now, company has launched its Mi Sweeper Robot vacuum cleaner.

It is a home sweeping robot with high IQ. It has intelligent path planning, large surface pressure surging and includes intelligent remote control. The robot houses three brains made to think independently. It consists of Allwinner R16 quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor, TI S320F28026DAS digital signal processor and STM32f103VET6 processor.

Moreover, it has a total of 12 sensors, that allow this Robot vacuum cleaner to plan cleaning route.  They include Laser Distance Sensor (LDS), Dust box detection sensor, Crash Sensor, Sensors along the wall, ultrasonic sensor, Fan speed sensor, drop sensor, speedometer, gyroscope / accelerometer, cliff sensors and electronic compass bundled inside.

The Xiaomi Mi Sweeper Robot has 9.6cm white fuselage, modular design and comes with fully sealed dust box. It has 420ml large capacity dust box to meet daily house hold requirements. It also comes with E11 grade filter that even blows clean air.

Mi Sweeper Robot vacuum cleaner image -4

It uses low-voltage DC (20V) and can efficiently avoid overvoltage. It has Overvoltage protection, Input overcurrent protection, output overcurrent protection and short circuit protection. It is equipped with 5200 mAh battery that offers up to 2.5 hours of cleaning time.

Mi Sweeper Robot vacuum cleaner image -2

The Mi Sweeper Robot makes use of SLAM algorithm, also known as simultaneous localization and mapping algorithm. It makes real-time map of the room, and know their exact location on a map, providing comprehensive protection for path planning. The same technology is used in the United States NASA rovers, Google driverless cars and other high-tech projects.

Mi Sweeper Robot vacuum cleaner image -3

The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner is priced at RMB 1699 (US$ 254). It can be ordered from and will start rolling out form September 6th, 2016.

Source – Mi


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