Apple starts a bounty program, Hack Apple and get paid

Black hat hacking is a crime and if you are caught Hacking in to Apple, you might be looking at a serious jail time and big debt to pay.

There is a good news for pro Hackers. Apple has announced a special bounty program that will pay White hat hackers up to US$ 200,000. Apple’s security chief Ivan Krstic announced the bounty and Cybersecurity Conference in Las Vegas.

Those who discover bugs and loop holes will be eligible for the bounty. Moreover, to collect money, users will have to prove that theses openings actually exists and  gain access to Apple Phone / Apple iPad.

The program starts next month however, only the Security researchers that Apple has worked with in the past will be eligible for the bounty program. It does not mean that it’s end for other Security Experts. Apple has said that, “if someone from outside that group discovers an important flaw, it would consider writing that person a check“.

This program will help Apple learn new vulnerabilities in its software, including iOS. The Tech giant also hopes to stop security experts sell the vulnerabilities to highest bidder.


Pawan Lokhandwala

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