Google Play Music reintroduced with smarter UI, Machine Learning, more

Google has been constantly building and improving its applications. To find the right music for any moment, Google has introduced all new Play Music. It has revamped UI and is much more assistive.

The newly introduced Google Play Music makes use of machine learning that takes into consideration your daily music liking, location, activity, weather and playlists. It comes plugged into contextual tools that power Google products.

The Play Music learns whether you are relaxing at home, working at office, commuting, flying or travelling and plays personalized music according to the activity. It automatically plays workout audio’s when in gym or play sunset soundtrack when sky goes pink.

Apart from that, it has brand new home button. It listens to what music you like, when you like etc. and showcases automatically selected tracks on top of your screen. This feature is specially to give access to their favourite audio or artist quickly.

The Google’s machine learning system is partnered by a team of expert music curators that helps Play Music constantly evolving and improving. Moreover, the newly introduced app automatically makes an offline playlist of recently listened audio. This is really handy when there is no Data connectivity.

The new Google Play Music will start rolling out globally (62 countries) starting this week.


Pawan Lokhandwala

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