HP Omen X modular Cube-shaped Gaming Desktop launched

HP at on going Gamescom has launched its latest gaming desktop called Omen X. It has cube-shape and is aimed at hardcore gamers.

The HP Omen X offers variety of customization and tweaks to attract masses. It has revolutionary thermal design and comes with special chambers that separates hot components. It has top mounted angled vents to keep the hardware cool. It also has optional liquid cooling.

The Omen X chassis caters to all industry standards and supports micro-ATX motherboard builds. It has 45-degree angle design for easy access to internal hardware. It has tool-less access for easy storage expansion (without opening the case). It has 9 lighting zones and four color modes, that light up the ring based on hardware usage, audio etc.

HP Omen X gaming desktop image -2

The Omen X offers dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 or dual AMD Radeo R9 Fury X for raw gaming performance. More over it is VR ready and allows gamers to play 4K content at high FPS. The base model of this gaming desktop will house an Intel ‘Skylake’ core i7 processor, 8GB RAM (up to 64GB supported), 2TB HDD and 256GB SSD. The desktop carries about 10 USB ports that include USB 3.0 x 8 and USB Type-C x 2.

The HP Omen X Desktop price starts at US$ 1799.99 at HP’s official website. Company is also selling chassis for Omen X desktop separately for US$ 599.99.

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