HTC Announces Vive Development and Training courses for its Peripherals and Accessories

HTC has announced special courses and training for the development of HTC Vive Accessories and Peripherals. The course will allow third party partners to provide richer VR experience to its customers and business users.

The course will allow third party developers to create high quality products faster. HTC will hold in-person training courses in Asia that will compliment the courses offered by Valve and Synapse in the US.

The HTC Vive development course will provide development resources, software for developing tracked accessories and peripherals, technical support for integration and go-to-market resources when their products are ready.

This will open new ways for people to interact in the Virtual world. The HTC Vive being a known name in VR space, will allows hardware partners to get access to a large install base of existing customers, channels and content.

Cher Wang, Chairwoman and CEO of HTC said –

We are extremely excited about the potential mid- to long-term impact of our decision with our partner Valve to simultaneously open up our respective technologies in order to accelerate growth in the VR industry. The new wave of innovation this program will enable is going to be amazing to watch, the biggest winners will be the consumers and business customers around the world.

You can get the HTC Vive developer course certification here.

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