Lenovo showcases ‘Worlds first Foldable PC’ under its ThinkBook lineup

Lenovo Worlds first Foldable PC photo -2

With foldable devices being the next big trend of 2019, Lenovo has stepped up the game by unveiling ‘Worlds first Foldable PC‘ under its ThinkBook lineup.

Lenovo has only shared some photos and a promotional video at the moment. The news took central stage at Accelerate where company preview and demo of world’s first foldable PC.

The device is aimed at tech-savvy professionals who want the best. The foldable PC allows one to have large comfortable screen on to go. The device houses a single OLED 2K display which is made in collaboration with LG Display.

The screen can fold in half and reduce its width by 50%. The Foldable PC will come be powered by Intel Chipsets and runs on Windows OS.

Lenovo Worlds first Foldable PC photo -1

Lenovo clearly states that early prototype of upcoming Foldable PC is not a phone or tablet or hybrid but is a full-fledge laptop which houses a foldable screen.

In depth specifications of this device were not revealed however, Lenovo’s Foldable PC will be available next year in 2020.

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