LG Innotek announces Thermoelectric Semiconductors with Nano-polycrystalline materials


The LG Innotek, LG’s materials and components engineering service company has developed new thermoelectric semiconductors that are made from nano-polycrystalline materials.

Company took to “Thermoelectric Semiconductor Tech-forum” held on June 20th at LG Science Park in Seoul where it unveiled this new thermoelectic semiconductor to the industry experts.

The Thermoelectric Semiconductor is a component that performs both cooling and heating functions. It can use temperature difference to produce electrical power using “Peltier effect” and “Seebeck effect”.

The Nano-Polycrystalline material is independently developed by the company. They were created by realizing an ultra-fine crystalline structure in scale of manometers. The material has 2.5 times higher rigidity and 30% higher cooling efficiency than than of single crystalline.

These features  allow it to be used in vehicles and ships. Its independent module structure also lowers power consumption by up to 30% during cooling process at the same temperature. It can also reduce noise level and reduces size of refrigerators, water purifiers and home appliances.

The company official said, “LG Innotek is now capable of providing a total solution that encompasses R&D, production, and quality management of the thermoelectric semiconductor element modules.”

Source: LG Innotek


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