Samsung UFS memory cards with 530MBps transfer speed announced

Samsung has introduced world’s first Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 1.0 standard cards for its high end smartphones. It comes in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB storage options and is specially aimed for DSLRs, 3D VR cameras, Action Cams and drones.

The UFS cards have different pin layout however, its design is somewhat similar to traditional MicroSD cards. When compared to Samsung UFS Cards with MicroSD, the random read rate of 256GB UFS card is 40,000 IOPS, compared to about 1,800 IOPS in MicroSD Cards. The card also offers sequential read speed of up to 530MBps compared to 95MBps sequential read speed in a typical UHS-1 MicroSD Card of 170 Mbps (about 2x faster).

The Samsung 256GB UFS card has random read rate of 35,000 IOPS (350 times higher) compared to 100 IOPS in typical MicroSD card.  They also support multiple commands, command queuing, simultaneous reading / writing etc.

Most of the upcoming devices including phones will support these UFS cards. Samsung did not reveal its pricing or availability details.

Jung-bae Lee, senior vice president, Memory Product Planning & Application Engineering, Samsung Electronics , said –

Our new 256GB UFS card will provide an ideal user experience for digitally-minded consumers and lead the industry in establishing the most competitive memory card solution. By launching our new high-capacity, high-performance UFS card line-up, we are changing the growth paradigm of the memory card market to prioritize performance and user convenience above all.


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