ARM Mali-G51 GPU and Mali-V61 VPU announced

ARM is taking mid-range device seriously. To carter their ever expanding needs, it has announced Mali-G51 GPU, company’s smallest and most area / energy efficient GPU till date. Apart from that, ARM has also introduced Mali-V61 VPU (video processing unit).

The ARM Mali-G51 GPU is built on new Bitfrost architecture and is the most efficient Vulkan-enabled GPU for screens up to 4K resolution. It is specially designed to support virtual spaces and augmented reality.

It is 30% smaller than other Mali GPU’s that powered 1080p to 4K smartphones. It includes new dual-pixel shader core implemented to double texel and pixel rates. It can also be used asymmetrically with a uni-pixel shader core in order to acces more configurations.

arm-mali-g51-photo-2The Mali-G51 has improved Framebuffer compression (AFBC) that results into improved GPU performance in bandwidth limited scenarios. It also brings in improvements in display processor performance for rotation use cases.It has re-designed texturing units to maintain efficiency. It can deliver scalable performance for latest Graphics API’s like Vulkan, OpenGL 3.2 and OpenCL.

arm-mali-v61-photo-1Talking about ARM Mali-V64 VPU, it has provides a simple and easy to to support VP9-ready, 4K media. It has small area heritage and works on low power and low latency. It allows flexible encode and decode of multiple streams and supports High quality HEVC encode and VP9 encode/decode. It promises real-time 4K 120 video performance with scalability and efficiency.

The ARM Mali-G51 GPU is expected to feature in mobile devices in the year 2018. The Mali-G51 and Mali-V61 are already available for licensing.

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