Download Swiftkey Themes for Android and iOS for free now

Swiftkey is one of the most widely used Keyboard Application in the world. It is available in both Android and iOS app stores.

Swiftkey has announced that starting this holiday season, All keyboard themes in Android and iOS applications can be downloaded for free.

The App boasts over 100 themes to customize the keyboard and design. Moreover, the recently introduced ‘Vivid’ Themes are also free to download.

For Swiftkey Android users, open the swiftkey hub, go to themes panel and tap on Swiftkey store. Alternatively, users can also tap on 3 lines to extreme left in word prediction, Tap themes followed by Swiftkey store.

For iOS users, simply open the container app from home screen, click on ‘Design’ icon (red colour) in the top right and select new themes.


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