Hikvision introduces Advanced Thermal Cameras

Hikvision has introduced Advanced Thermal Cameras for high-end surveillance markets.

All objects above 0-degrees emit some sort of heat signature that is invisible to human eye. The Hikvision thermal sensors detects such radiation, even in darkness. Weather conditions like fog, rain, snow remains un-effected.

These range of Advanced Thermal cameras are equipped with self-developed thermal imaging module. It can capture video of moving objects at 640 x 512 pixels resolution, offering greater details for post-even investigations.

Its surveillance cameras feature three innovative functions like Auto Grain Control, Digital Detail Enhancement and 3D Digital Noise reduction. They also feature on-board analytics, crossing detection, intrusion detection and fire detection.

The Hikvision cameras are available in single and dual-lens models. The dual-lens models include a secondary optical camera along side the Thermal shooter. The optical lens captures images at 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution.

The Hikvision Thermal Camera line up will be up for display at Security Essen, Germany, held on September 27 – 30th.

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