Mozilla Firefox to block Adobe Flash from August

Mozilla has announced that it will start blocking flash content in its Firefox browser. From August, it will block “certain flash content that is non essential for the user experience” and then keep it off by default starting 2017.

Mozilla has revealed that it will support legacy flash content after August but from 201, users will have to give “click-to-activate approval” before a website activates flash content.

The flash content was useful back in the day but sadly, Flash plugins are very unstable. It is one of the main source for browser crashes, increased power consumption and poor performance in browsers.

World is moving at a fast pace, where the same things possible by the Flash plugin can natively be achieved using HTML5. It is more stable, efficient and works within the browser itself.

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Flash Plugin crash rate image -1

Mozilla also revealed that doing so, will result in reduction of Flash crashes and hangs by up to 10-percent. Websites that currently use Flash or Silverlight for video or games should plan on adopting HTML technologies as soon as possible.

With this Mozilla has joined Google and Microsoft in their crusade against Adobe Flash content.


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