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NVIDIA Titan V Graphics card launched – Specs, Price

NVIDIA Titan V image -2

NVIDIA has announced its latest high end graphics card called TITAN V. It was introduced by CEO Jen-Hsun Huan at NIPS 2017 event.

The TITAN V sports GV100 GPU and is first HBM2 equipped consumer Graphics card. It is powered by NVIDIA VOLTA, which company is claiming it to be World’s most  advance d GPU architecture. It has 110 Deep Learning TereFLOPS with 3D Stacked Memory.

Talking about the specifications, it has 5120 CUDA cores with 640 Tensor cores and Core Clock speed of 1200MHz (Boost clocks up to 1455MHz).

It has 1.7Gbps HBM2 Memory Data rate, 850MHz memory clock with 3072-bit Memory Bus Width interface. It has Memory Bandwidth of 652.8GB/s, 12GB VRAM, 4.5MB L2 Cache and 384 GigaTexels / second Bilinear Texture rate.

The GPU is made using 12nm Fabrication process, sporting 21.1 Billion transistors. The Graphics has Dual Slot Form Factor and features in one HDMI port and three Display ports.

NVIDIA Titan V image -3On will require a 6-pin and one 8 pine power connector. The card can operate up to 91-degree. The card at TDP of 250 Watts but company is recommending 600 Watts Power Supply.

The NVIDIA TITAN V is already available for $2999 (about Rs. 1,93,380 approx.).

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