Open Source Storage launches Cloud Offering, builds out Data Center

Open Source Storage, the pioneer company behind enterprise data storage solutions has launched Open Source public cloud. Company has also announced its availability of build-out of its redundant data centres.

Founded by Eren Niazi in 2001, Open Source Storage aims to offer open source integration into products and end-to-end solutions. With this, current clients and future customers will receive faster and more affordable cloud and data centre offerings.

Key Features of Open Source Cloud offering includes reduced cost of ownership (TCO), Faster and Cheaper deployment and immediate scalability. It is fully automated and sports redesigned infrastructure as per requirements. It also offers regional Public Cloud with added personalized services with added IT security and allows cost prediction as well.

John Sanderson Vice President of Solutions Architect at Open Source Storage, said,

“We understand the challenges businesses face when transitioning to cloud storage, and whether it’s lack of knowledge, security, privacy or reliability concerns, Open Source Storage provides the technology, education and understanding to alleviate those worries. Because if you know where your data is, how to access it and that it’s safe, you can more efficiently deliver on your business and revenue goals.”

Patrick Willis EVP of Partnerships at Open Source Storage. commenting on the launch said,

As Open Source Storage grows, we have the newest platforms that can be deployed faster and less expensive than our competitors. On average we are 50% cheaper and 50% faster. Our recent expansion includes a new headquarters, a new data center build-out and a new cloud offering.”

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