Qualcomm unveils faster Quick Charge 4+ with improvements

Back in January, Qualcomm unveiled Quick Charge 4 along with Snapdragon 835 SoC. Now, San Diego based chip maker has introduced a faster and updated version of it and is called Quick Charge 4+.

It has all the benefits of Quick charge 4 but also but has three major enhancements. Devices supporting Quick Charge 4+ can charge 15% faster and 30% more efficiently. Moreover, it is 3-degrees cooler than its predecessor.

Quick Charge 4+ enhancements include an ‘even more powerful’ Dual Charge when comparing it QC4. If you are wondering of how it works?, Dual Charge has a second power management IC in the device, which divides the charge current, resulting in lower thermal dissipation and reduced charge time.

Quick Charge 4+ enhancements image-1The QC4+ also features intelligent Thermal Balancing, which is further enhancement of Dual Charge mode. It is engineered to move current via the coolest path autonomously for optimized power deliver and eliminating hot spots.

Third major enhancement is Advanced safety features. While Quick Charge4 has safety features built-in, the QC4+ is a step ahead. It monitors connector and case temperature levels simultaneously and prevents overheating, short-circuit or damages to USB Type-C ports.

Qualcomm also noted that accessories like car chargers, wall adapters, portable power banks and USB hubs can also qualify for Quick Charge 4+ designation. Moreover, the technology is compatible with previous Quick Charge 3.0 / 2.0 standards.

The QC4+ is an hardware update. If you are eager enough to test the tech, recently launched ZTE Nubia Z17 supports it.

Source Qualcomm

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