LG Innotek starts mass production of “ToF Module” for Smartphones

Earlier this month, LG had confirmed that its upcoming smartphone, the LG G8 ThinQ will feature in ToF Camera module. Today, LG Innotek has announced that company has begun mass production of  ToF (Time of Flight) module for smartphones.

This ToF camera is high-tech 3D sensing component which will be featured in front of G8 ThinQ android smartphone. The module perceives 3D, Spatial information and movement of object using distance. It is calculated using return time of the light shots towards and bounces of a target object.

LG Innotek has internalized key component technology necessary for 3D sensing modules, such as light source technology and lens technology to further enhance its competitive edge.

LG Innotek ToF camera module for LG G8 ThinQ photo -2The ToF module offers 3D sensing at higher distance range yet consumes lesser electric power than other 3D technologies. It has a slim built and can handle several functions like bio-metric verification, motion sensing, Artificial reality, virtual reality etc.

The 3D sensing technology will allow smartphone users to operate various functions without even touching the device. The  3D Sensing module can detect specific features, movements and gestures and carry out certain commands.

With this technology, LG Innotek envisions to grow business of producing 3D sensing modules and take the top spot in global markets. Company has already laid foundation for the business and has acquired R&D and production capabilities. The technology can also be used in PCs, Wearables, home electronics and automobiles.

The LG G8 ThinQ smartphone which uses ToF camera is slated to go official on February 24th (confirmed by the official).

LG Innotek official said

3D sensing module is an innovative next-generation 3D-based input device that can take a mobile phones functionality to the next level from where it is currently with the use of existing 2D-based input technology like the touch technology. He also added, “It will provide a new value proposition to consumers via integration with the camera


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