MediaTek Sensio (MT6381) 6-in-1 smartphone biosensor module unveiled

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MediaTek has unveiled its firs 6-in-1 smartphone biosensor module called MediaTek Sensio (MT6381). It is capable of delivering six key health data points in a minute.

It is a comprehensive software and module solution specially designed to grab health data. The module makes up of optical, electrical and processing components and is flexible enough for device manufacturers to use MediaTek Sensio directly into all type of smartphones.

The module eliminates the need of using multiple sensors as the MT6381 is a one stop solution. Moreover, it will become easy for manufacturers to develop proprietary applications or leverage third-party apps and develop addons.

The Sensio module uses LEDs (light emitting diodes) with light sensitive sensor for absorption of red and infrared light by users fingertips. Upon touching fingertips, it creates a close loop between your heart and the biosensor the measure ECG and PPG waveforms.

The MediaTek Sensio MT6381 can detect heart beats per minute, Variations in the time between heartbeats, Blood pressure trends, Oxygen levels in blood, Heart’s electrical activity (ECG) and changes in Volume of Blood (PPG).

MediaTek_Sensio_Infographic_Final_MediaThe module is compact, with 6.8 x 4.93 x 1.2 mm OLGA 22-pin package. It has total external BOM of 4 caps + 2 electrodes and sports Integrated R and IR LEDs and ECG analog front end. It also comes with I2C /SPI digital interface

In short, it is an all-in-one module that helps customers instantly check and monitor physical wellness on a smartphone. The MediaTek Sensio will be available in early 2018.

Dr. Yenchi Lee, Sr. Director of Product Marketing for MediaTek’s wireless business said –

Giving people the power to access their health information with a smartphone is a major step in making the world a healthier place. With our MediaTek Sensio biosensor module and software, developers and device makers have a powerful, embedded health monitoring solution that delivers heart and fitness information in around 60 seconds.